Why ‘The Donald’ should (and will) win the elections

gepubliceerd op 08 november 2016 om 19:15

The European media hate Trump. He is, after all, everything the establishment does not want to be: politically incorrect, anti-immigration, to keep and bear arms, critical of Islam, independent, conservative, … Trump just had to be portrayed as a dangerous madman, a brutal, aggressive fool a sexist misogynist, a xenophobe, a populist. But obviously that was not enough. Along with Trump, also his voters were targeted. They were called soured, frustrated, stupid, racist and naive. People who vote for Trump do that with ‘pinched nose’ and he/she votes ‘not for Trump but against Clinton’. No journalist is willing to look for the reasons why on November the 8th tens of millions of Americans will vote for Trump with enthusiasm. The aversion against Trump made the European media abandon all objectivity and they unleashed an unprecedented smear campaign. But anyone who follows the American media, which is much more diverse than the European media, will know better by now.

Trump has already won the election

With his nomination as the presidential candidate for the Republican Party, Trump actually already has won the elections. He has thrown the right stick into the politically correct henhouse. He succeeded to break the taboo on immigration, Islam and multiculturalism and set the election agenda, the agenda of the people. This has consequences worldwide. If the world’s largest democracy dares to debate these taboo subjects, why can’t we? Now we immediately know the reason why traditional media fight Trump and his ideas. The same strategy is always used: not discuss the ideas but attack the messenger. Trump is also one of the first to disregard anything the press does or says. Instead, he challenges the press real hard and thereby harvests a lot of sympathy with the public and ordinary Americans who already don’t trust the media. Trump fights the political establishment (politics and media as accomplices of each other) and unmasks them as the ‘powers that be’.

Trumpism works!

Trump does not follow the unwritten rules of ‘Capitol Hill’ (our local ‘Rue de la Loi’). He says what the man in the street thinks about non-politically correct topics and he does it in a blunt way. He attacks his opponent directly and without mercy. ‘Crooked and lying Hillary should be in jail’. With Trump, no polished texts, no dozens of spokespersons, no spin-doctors and advertising guys. Just Donald Trump. Nothing more but nothing less. It is called ‘populism’. No, it is refreshing: finally someone who says what he really thinks.

Nobody owns Trump

The Donald is a self-made man. Unlike most other politicians, he doesn’t’ just promise jobs, he creates them with his many companies. He pays for his campaign himself. He has earned his money by working hard. Being a very successful businessman, he depends on no one but himself. In short, nobody owns Trump. Clinton, however, is a career politician who, with her Clinton Foundation, depends on all kinds of lobbies and businesses. Countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates give tens of millions to the Clinton Foundation in exchange for all kinds of deals. The American voter wants to end this corrupt way of politics by voting for Trump.

10 reasons why Trump should (and will) win the elections

1. Trump is a manager
Trump is a businessman who leads a gigantic empire. Who can manage successfully a large multinational company, can also manage the US.

2. Trump is independent
Nobody owns Trump. He is financially and politically independent. Trump is a candidate of the people, not of a lobby group.

3. Trump wants to give back America to the Americans
‘We the People’ is the opening sentence of the US Constitution! Trump wants to return the political power to the American people. Right now ‘Capitol Hill’ reigns over the people.

4. Trump says what the man in the street thinks
Trump is anything but politically correct. He speaks about the topics that are important for the common people, and he does that in a blunt way.

5. Trump stands for ‘America First’
Trump wants the US government to focus mainly on America instead of being the police all over the world. Trump will focus his attention on the US.

6. Trump will build ‘The Wall’
Illegal aliens, mostly from South America, are overrunning America. There are probably more than 5 million illegal immigrants in the US. Trump wants to build a wall between the US and Mexico and repatriate illegal immigrants. He will do that.

7. Trump will destroy IS
Americans never really got over 9/11. Trump will fight IS without mercy and destroy it. He is willing to cooperate with Putin to achieve this goal.

8. Trump is critical of Islam
Trump is not soft on Islam. He wants to close the borders to Muslim radicals and he will stop the Islamization in the US.

9. Trump is the underdog
It’s all against Trump. The American voter can identify with Trump. He fights courageously and fearlessly against the political establishment, the mainstream media and anyone who attacks him.

10. Trump is clear: “Make America Great again!”
Trump is honest. Trump is proud of his country and wants others to be proud too. Americans are patriots and Trump is their leader.

Filip Dewinter