Toespraak Filip Dewinter voor Grieks parlement

gepubliceerd op 19 november 2016 om 08:59

Dear Friends,

A few months ago I was shocked reading an article in a Belgian newspaper about the prosecution of the bishop of the island Chios, Markos Vasilasis. The Greek governement pressed charges against him because he dared to say that the thousands of people who recently arrived from Turkey on the island of Chios are illegal immigrants not refugees. The left wing Greek governement tries to stigmatise the bishop as a racist, but they can and will not scare the angry majority of Greeks. Bishop Markos spoke the truth. The large majority of the people arriving in Europe and coming from Africa and the Middle East are no refugees but illegal aliens. It’s sad that the governement of the nation that gave birth to democracy wants to abolish the freedom of speech.

Two days ago I visited toghether with my collegues the beautifull islands of Lesbos, Chios and Kos. The so called ‘hotspots’, camps full of illegal alies, are an very ugly ulser on the beautifull face of these historical Greek islands. These hotspots are the garbishdumps of multicultural Europe. I live in Antwerp and work in Brussels, the capital of Europe. In The Antwerp primary schools more than 50% of the pupils are moslims. Brussels already has complete neighbourhoods, like Molenbeek, who are islamic. If we want to stop the islamisation of cities like Brussels and Antwerp we have to do it by stopping the mass immigration towards Europe. The border- and frontstates of Europe are our outposts, the immigration-battlefield. That’s why we are here! We want to express our solidarity with the Greek people. We stand with the Greek people because we fight the same struggle: the struggle for the future of our children and grand children!

The Greek governement is afraid of the opinion of the Greek people. When the public does not agree with the policy of the poltical correct elite, the political establishment prefers to blame the people for ignorance, racism and fascism. When the voters persist in retaining their views against mass-immigration, islamisation and multiculturalism the political elite replaces the people. What is happening in Greece and in much of Europe is the replacement of its population, its values and its way of live. Most of the mainstream political parties and governements in Europe obey to the self destructive EU-policies on immigration that will cause the end of the Hellenic-Judeo-Christian European civilisation. Left wing political parties like Syriza don’t care about protecting the nation, its identity or the safety of its citizens. They are the real enemies of Europe not we!

Its our responsability to organise the people’s revolution. we have to stand up against our oppresors! We have to kick out the corrupt, xenophile and oikofobic governement. We also have to kick out the occupation army of moslim-immigrants who are colonising Europe for islam. 70% of the so called refugees in Greece are in fact illegal immigrants coming from 77 different, mostly tirth-world-countries. The fake refugees, the fakefugees, and the criminal refugees, the felon- and rapefugees, have to be expelled without any delay. What is an occupation army doing when invading a country? It propagandizes its beliefs and uses force to have their way of life imposed. That’s exactly what is happening in Greece and in Europa. The guests are taking over the house!

The Greek people have already been crushed by islam, by the twentieth century genocide and the more recent Turkish occupation of Cyprus. It’s time to fight back!

I’m convinced that the EU-migration deal with Turkey will collpase and that the number of immigrants will – once again – increase dramatically. The EU-proposal to spread the refugees all over Europe is crazy. The EU-policy on immigration is an incentive for human traffickers and simply tells people: yes, try to cross the mediterrenean border at all cost! I’m truly convinced that the islamic refugees are the stormtroopers of Erdogan invading Greece and Europe. Let us be clear: Turkey can and will never be a member of the European Union. Turkey does not belongs to Europe, not yesterday, not today and not tomorow!

The open border-policy of left wing governements like the Greek governement and the EU-council is a part of a larger plan. Europe has to become a multi-cultural and multi-ethnical society. Left wing parties want to abolish the Christian, white and Western identity of Europe. The European liberals want to install a global citizenship and a one-world culture in Europe. If we want to find a solution for the immigration-invasion of our countries we have to put our own national interests above the notions of so called EU-solidarity.

What we need is a severe immigration-policy:
– We have to close our borders for non-European refugees and illegal immigrants;
– We have to refuse moslim-immigrants the entrance to Europe. Islam has no place in Greece nore in Europe;
– We have to organise push-backs for all immigrants/refugees who try to come to Europe by sea;
– We have to organise the deportation of all immigrants towards their cournties of origin;
– We have to prepare the DE-islamisation of our European society and the RE-migration of the moslim-immigrants who don’t want to assimilate into our European society, towards their countries of origin.

Europe has a lot of civil rights: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, equality of men and women, democracy… Those immigrants who don’t agree and who want to impose their islamic way of live upon us have one important last right: the right to go back where they came from. They are free to leave Europe at any time.

We are going to take our country back! We are going to give Greek back to the Greeks, Europe to the Europeans. We are going to drain the immigration swamp and we will make Europe great again!